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Your Brand Identity

Red Dragon has years of experience in international marketing and PR and is the perfect partner if you would like to create a new brand identity for your organisation.

We help clients to develop their international corporate branding strategy and brand identity programmes to increase  their organization's performance in their target market(s) with a view to helping to build their international corporate identity, congruent with their established and desired business values.

We will work with you to identify the key elements of your brand.  We will focus on your corporate image as a whole.  A consistent and well-positioned brand can you retain the loyalty of your clients and make you the envy of your competitors.

We are specialised in the automotive, motorsport and training sectors, but you will find that our approach is adaptable to other sectors: we have a very resourceful team!

Red Dragon will work closely with you to develop an approach that fits with your own ideals and where you want to take your company: reach out for that new territory!

We will help you to fine-tune your identity and draft a set of visual features that will form a key part of your overall brand.  We will produce a set of corporate identity guidelines to help streamline the way in which you communicate what is important about your offer and what sets your organization apart from your competitors. These guidelines will include notes on how your identity should be manifested in terms of fonts / typefaces, sizing / proportions, approved colour palettes, etc. Your corporate identity guidelines will make sure that your company’s image becomes recognizable and retains a sense of coherence and professionalism.

To this end, we will help you to consider the most appropriate logo(s) for your brand(s), signage on and within your premises, your marketing collateral (such as websites, brochures, flyers, etc), your stationery, your products and packaging of those products, corporate uniforms / clothing, corporate communications and other forms of interaction with your clients, workforce and the general public.

Your logo identifies your business in its simplest form via the use of a recognizable mark or icon.  It needs to be something that will stand the test of time and that will not have any negative connotations in your target market(s).  Your logo should reflect your values, service, product and personality all in one succinct engaging visual.  It should be instantly recognisable and set you apart from the other operators in your target marketplace.

We also help you by developing your brand guidelines to consolidate your approach and reinforce the brand identity of your organisation across all media.

It is all too easy to ruin your company’s chances of penetrating a new market by choosing a logo or company name that will not work because of local taboos or inappropriate associations.  A logo derives its value from the quality of the entity that it represents – logos are there to identify; not to explain.  The explanation comes later…….

To create the right branding for you, we will work closely with you to clearly identify the message that you are looking to communicate, taking into account your marketplace and the norms, values and beliefs of your clients.  What are their expectations?  We will create several original concepts which we will present to you as a starting point for further discussion.  We aim to involve you at every stage so that you and your team really feel part of the process.

How Red Dragon Motorsport can help
Delivering a brand is about setting an identity for your organisation and really making sure that it is instantly recognisable to your existing and potential audience.  It may not always be possible to carry across your existing corporate identity, branding, logos to new territories or markets.  You may need to adapt your company name, product / service name, packaging, method of delivery, point of sale methodology and so on.

Red Dragon is here to advise you on these issues.

Of course, we can provide a logo design service that you can use as the cornerstone of your brand, but our service goes much further than this.  We can advise you on all elements of preparing your product or service for your target market.  From what to say to which colours to use in your signage.  Yes, it really does make a difference in certain countries!  From the appearance and “voice” of your website to the way your staff answer the telephone.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to supply you with a no-obligation and transparent proposal.

For immediate attention, email: or call David Jones on: 07966 578999.

(Call + 44 7966 578999 if you are outside the UK).