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English for Motorsport Course

This course is designed for international clients who are active in the world of motorsport, be they racing drivers, team managers, motorsport journalists or motorsport marketing executives.

The course programme is run by Red Dragon Motorsport (UK) in partnership with the ETC Executive Centre, a division of ETC International College, a specialist British Council-accredited languages and business training centre.

During this course, clients will be introduced to specialist language and terminology (if appropriate, including that contained within the MSA “Go Racing” pack).  They will be guided through a language skills and systems development programme, following a multi-media approach, so that they are able to cope with certain target usage situations in English (and so that, where relevant, their English level is sufficient for coping with the written assessments that they will face during the optional one-day ARDS course at Silverstone).

Dodge Viper photo by Paul Costin of Fastlane Fotos  English for Motorsport specialist course for professional people
English for Motorsport - a specialist course for professionals in the motorsport industry
(Photo of Dodge Viper by Paul Costin of Fastlane Fotos:

ETC International College has systems for ensuring that participants receive personalized attention.  We aim to provide the kind of linguistic training and support that clients need in order to make rapid progress and quickly attain a good degree of fluency and accuracy in specialist Motorsport English.

Participants will study in small classes (the maximum number of participants is 8, although the average number is 4) along with participants of a similar age, background and language ability. 

Given the specialised nature of this course, it is impossible to guarantee a varied mix of nationalities within the class.

Course Aims

This course aims:

To enable clients to communicate effectively in a range of motorsport-related situations, including the wider business context.

To help clients prepare for interaction in English with other motorsport team members, including the team manager / principal, drivers, mechanics, technicians, plus PR and marketing staff members.

To help participants prepare for effective and trouble-free handling of the media.

Sample Course content:

Face to face meetings.
Written communications including reports, summaries and emails.
Using the telephone.
Giving clear instructions.
Business presentations.
Describing the motorsport workplace, operations and processes.
The car – parts, terminology.
Describing sports performance and team / driver strategy. 

Negotiating, persuading and sales techniques.
Lexis and functional language as appropriate to each client’s needs.
The principles of sponsorship and sports marketing.

Socialising and networking with sponsors and other motorsport partners and clients.
Organising and running meetings.
Handling the media – preparing for and delivering live and pre-recorded interviews to camera / radio interviews / podcasts, etc.
Producing a basic press release.


This course is designed to run for 2 weeks or 4 weeks and can be modified to include topics and language functions appropriate to your needs. 

(Please ask for a quotation for shorter or longer courses).

Start dates:

Clients can start their course of English for Motorsport on any Monday throughout the year (as long as it is not a Bank Holiday).

Structure / Intensity:

30 lessons per week (= 22.5 hours) of specialised tuition, projects, assignments, case studies, seminars, lectures and group sessions. 

This course includes several visits to relevant places of motoring and motorsport interest.

Maximum Group Size:

8 clients. 

Components included in the Course Fees

The course fees include the following components:

* Course 30 lessons (= 22.5 hours) per week of specialist English for Motorsport on a small group basis.  1 lesson = 45 minutes in duration.

* Provision of course materials (normally including an MSA “Go Racing” pack - clients may need to complete an application form and work through the course material contained within the pack, as long as this is relevant to their specific needs).

* Sports and social activities (5 activities available free per week.  Typically, these will include: dance class, quiz night, pub evening, football, basketball / volleyball, cultural lecture or workshop).

* One motorsport-themed excursion per week.  Destinations may include venues such as the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, the Haynes International Motor Museum in Yeovil, Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands and a local karting centre.  Entrances fees are included.

* One specialist lecture per week (sample topics: sponsorship in motorsport, race car design, handling the media, the law and motorsport).

Course Fees

The course fees for a 2-week course (including the components shown above) are £2780.

The course fees for a 4-week course (including the components shown above) are £5410.

Enrolment Fee: £100.  (Non-refundable, payable once only.  This fee is included in the fees shown above).

Accommodation and insurance are not included in these fees but can be arranged at additional cost.

Entry Requirements:

English Language Level - To gain the most from their specialist English for Motorsport course, clients should ideally have at least an intermediate level of English.

Age – There is a minimum age of 18 years for admission to this course.  It may be possible to offer 1:1 courses for younger clients – please contact us for details of the enrolment procedures and costs involved.

Built into every participant’s course are the following:

* Placement test.  This is designed to enable us to gauge the approximate level of a participant and to place him or her in a class along with other participants of similar ability.  The placement test can be taken in advance of arrival at the training centre.

* Needs analysis.  This is used to find out what participants need and would like to learn on their course.  The more each client tells us about their needs in advance of the course, the better the training centre will be able to adapt the course to the client.

* Skills development.  Development of the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking through meaningful practice.

* Task-based activities designed to improve fluency, such as discussions, pair and group work, roleplays, problem-solving, and so on.

* Systems work.  Focus on and consolidation of the systems of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  Participants will learn and use new language forms and vocabulary through practice in contemporary, realistic, everyday situations.

* Supportive error correction and constructive feedback.

* Learner skills development.  We aim to teach participants effective ways of learning, from efficient note-taking to ways of storing and activating vocabulary.  In particular, we would aim to encourage participants to use self-access resources, such as the library, video room, listening materials, CD-Roms, the Internet and so on.

* Progress tests.  These are designed to show us how well a participant is learning new forms and vocabulary, and how well he or she is able to apply new skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

* Tutorials.  To provide two-way feedback, so that teachers can pass on hints, tips and advice on how best to study, as well as address any problems shown up by participants’ performance in class and in their progress tests.  At the same time, participants can ask for help in areas that are particularly important for them.

* Homework.  An essential part of every participant’s course – consolidates classwork and provides extra practice in the skills and systems.

* Academic counselling.  Distinct from the tutorials programme, the academic counselling that we provide aims to maximize every participant’s potential, so that he or she could:
- transfer to another course at our partner training centre, such as an examination preparation course or another English for Special Purposes course.
- apply to go on to study at a college or university in an English-speaking country.
- seek work in an English-speaking environment (where visa regulations allow this).

* Preparation for external examinations, including the ARDS written component.  Where possible, we would like to help every participant to prepare for an external examination, so that he or she will be able to return home with an internationally-recognized qualification.

Other options and services - available at additional cost:

One-day ARDS Course

Clients may wish to combine their English for Motorsport course with a One-day ARDS Course.  For clients who wish to enter the world of motor racing, the Silverstone Motorsport Academy one-day ARDS Course is the perfect starting point, as they should be able to obtain a National B Comptetitive Licence at the end of this one-day course.

The qualification, provided by the sport’s governing body in the UK, the MSA (Motorsport Association), is recognised throughout the country and internationally.  It includes both academic and practical assessment, ensuring that clients are suitable and helping to maintain safety at circuits nationally.  Silverstone Motorsport Academy is one of the country’s leading Association of Racing Driver Training centres.

All Silverstone instructors are competitive drivers, which means that they can provide clients with the skills and knowledge essential for a successful licence application.

During this very busy one-day course, clients will take part in an exciting range of both practical and classroom sessions, from learning track techniques during a stimulating lecture to skid control and one-to-one coaching in a Lotus Exige.

At the end of the day, clients will take driving and written assessments and can then start looking forward to entering the exciting world of motorsport.

Before setting off for Silverstone, clients will need to have worked through an MSA Go Racing pack.

One-day ARDS course Format:

* Track technique briefing.
* Personal on-track tuition in a Lotus.
* Car control briefing.
* Car control session.
* Lunch break (packed lunch provided).
* ARDS briefing.
* Written test.
* Advanced car control.
* ARDS driven assessment.
* Debrief.

NB. The day may not always run in this order and actual timings depend on group size.

Entry Requirements for the One-day ARDS course:

Clients must have held a full driving licence for at least 1 year, which they will need to show on the training day.

Clients must not weigh more than 16 stone and they should be between 5’2’’ and 6’2’’ tall.

To benefit fully from this course, clients will need at least an intermediate level of English prior to course commencement.  If you have a lower level of English, we can organise a general English course and / or a lower level of English for Motorsport course on a 1:1 basis to prepare you for this course.

4-day ARDS course, including a single seater race!

Also, if you would like to take a 4-day ARDS course (which in addition to the extra training and racing driving practice offers you the chance to take part in an actual single seater race, along with other course participants), please ask us about this option.  The price for this longer ARDS course is an extra £2500 - details on application.  (This price is subject to change - please check at the time of booking).

Progression routes

At the end of your course of English for Motorsport, we may be able to introduce you to potential driver managers / racing teams.  We have contacts appropriate to a range of different race types, including rallying, Formula Renault, BTCC, GP2, Sportscars and Formula 1 who may be willing to give you advice on the next step to take in order to pursue your driving ambitions. 

Motor racing is very competitive and very expensive, so unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your success: a lot depends on your own talent, finding the necessary funds and your commitment to success! 

However, we'll give you the jump start that you may need to get you going in the right direction!

Travel to the UK

We may be able to help you to book your course and flight to the UK through our partner travel agents in your country: please ask us for the contact details of our representative in your country.

Extended English language tuition

If clients wish to take a longer English language course, this can be arranged very easily.  Please enquire about this option.

Door-to-door transportation

This is basically a taxi service that is arranged to collect clients from their accommodation, bring them to the training centre and then return them to their accommodation when their training sessions have finished each day.  Fees for this service are shown in our document “Executive Courses Dates and Fees”.

Transfer Service

We can arrange for clients to be collected at their point of arrival in the UK (such as an airport, port or railway station) and taken to their accommodation.  We can also take them to their point of departure from the UK once they have completed their course with us.  Fees will depend on the mode of transport and on the arrival / departure point.

Airport transfer fees:

London Heathrow Airport: £110 pick up.  £210 pick up and return.
London Gatwick Airport: £120 pick up.  £230 pick up and return.
Luton Airport: £130 pick up.  £250 pick up and return.
Stansted Airport: £140 pick up.  £270 pick up and return.
Bournemouth Airport: £40 pick up.  £70 pick up and return.
Southampton Airport: £60 pick up.  £110 pick up and return.

Clients will be picked up from the airport and taken directly to their accommodation.  On return, clients will be picked up from their accommodation and taken to the departures area of the airport. 

Waiting charges: after the first hour, you will be charged £25 per hour for any delays.  This is a waiting charge to cover the cost of parking and the driver’s time.


If clients require insurance, we can arrange this on their behalf through a UK-based insurance provider.  Please contact us for the terms and conditions relating to the insurance cover.  All insurance sales in the UK are regulated by the FSA.  Fees will depend on the duration of the cover and the type of cover required.


Lunches can be provided at the ETC International College café or at a local café / restaurant at additional cost.  Please enquire about the options available.

Social English practice

Social English practice over lunch or dinner or on accompanied excursions.  Should clients wish to have the opportunity to practise their communication skills and social English at mealtimes or on an accompanied excursion to a place of local interest, we can arrange for a trainer to accompany the client and engage in focused but informal language practice.  Clients find these options particularly useful for building confidence and fluency.  Fees depend on the venue or destination chosen.

Academic counselling / university placement service

As a specialist training centre with a very broad network of international education and training contacts, the ETC Executive Centre is in a good position to organise opportunities for further training with a range of partner organisations in the UK and overseas.  There is a small consultancy charge for this service.

Concierge services

Please ask us if you have any other special requirements (such as booking a hire car, arranging for you to attend a motor race or driving experience at a UK racing circuit, making theatre reservations, etc) and we will do our best to provide services tailored to your needs.  There will be a small charge for booking these services.


We can cater for your individual requirements, as long as you tell us at the time of booking.  You may choose between:

* Single room Standard Private Home Accommodation (with a host family) – bed, breakfast and an evening meal are included.  Lunches are also provided at weekends.
Single room host family accommodation (September – May): £100 per week.
Single room host family accommodation (June, July and August): £120 per week.

* Executive (en-suite facilities) Host Family Accommodation - bed, breakfast and an evening meal are included.  Lunches are also provided at weekends.  Executive host family accommodation includes single room accommodation with en-suite facilities, use of IT facilities and access to the internet.
Executive en-suite host family accommodation: £210 per week.

* Hotel Accommodation.  Bournemouth has a great range of hotels and guest houses available, from 2 star up to 4 star.  The closest 5-star hotel is approximately a 30-minute drive from the training centre.  Early booking is advisable, as the town often hosts large conferences, fairs and workshops.  Fees depend on your choice of hotel.

All accommodation is provided subject to availability.  ETC Executive Centre acts as agent in the arrangement of this accommodation, not as provider.

All accommodation is available from Sunday to Saturday (inclusive).  Clients should normally arrive to start their accommodation on a Sunday evening and depart on Sunday morning (the Saturday would be their last night of accommodation). 
Alternative arrangements are sometimes possible, but clients should contact ETC as early as possible to arrange this and there may be an additional cost.

All clients staying in accommodation arranged by ETC must send us details of their expected arrival time. 

There is a £35 per week supplement for host family accommodation during the Christmas holiday.  We cannot always offer accommodation during the Christmas holiday, although this should be possible if it is booked in advance.  If clients wish to return to their host family after Christmas and would like to leave their belongings in their host family bedroom (but not stay in it), they will still have to pay £35 to hold the room.  If clients cancel their accommodation, they will have to pay a cancellation charge of £30 and give at least 7 days’ notice (otherwise one full week’s accommodation fees are payable).

English for Motorsport school photo  Bournemouth seafront
The English for Motorsport course is conducted at ETC International College in Bournemouth on the south coast of England

Where is the training centre?
ETC Executive Centre / ETC International College is based in the centre of Bournemouth, which is a popular university town by the sea.  The town is well-known for its cosmopolitan culture, huge variety of cafes and restaurants, parks and gardens, as well as attractive golden beaches. 

This lively town, which has a population of over 160, 000 people, provides the perfect atmosphere for study and leisure.  It has one of the sunniest and warmest climates in the country and it is the European base for large organizations like JP Morgan and Unisys. 

A major conference destination, Bournemouth is also a respected centre for studying Business, Tourism, Film and IT. 

Interestingly for people engaged in the motorsport industry, Bournemouth University is also the home of the Motor Sport Research Group, which was launched in 2009 by Dr Bruce Grant-Braham and fellow Guild of Motoring Writers member and TV motorsport commentator Murray Walker.

You will find that Bournemouth is the perfect place to use as a base for visiting the beautiful Jurassic coastline, the New Forest, typical old English villages or local towns like Christchurch and Poole.  It is also easy to travel to London or the major British airports. 

Remember that while you are following a course in English for Motorsport in Bournemouth, you will be welcome to take part in our sister company's sports car club events, most of which are free:

Bournemouth really is the town for everyone!


About the training provider:

Welcome to the ETC Executive Centre

ETC is accredited by the British Council and is a member of English UK.  Since 1989 it has successfully provided English language training and specialist management courses for a broad cosmopolitan clientele.

Why choose the ETC Executive Centre?

ETC means quality education in a friendly, family atmosphere.

ETC offers a wide range of professional and specialist courses.

ETC stands for value for money.

ETC has wireless internet connection throughout the centre (Wi-fi hotspot) plus free email and wired broadband internet access.

ETC has a library and resource centre with materials for self-study.

ETC provides hot and cold food and drinks at its own café / restaurant.

ETC is very close to the town centre, library, central shopping district and the beach.

ETC boasts a lively sports and social activities programme that runs throughout the year.

Courses at the ETC Executive Centre

Executive courses at ETC are:

Personalised according to your individual and / or job requirements.

Intensive so that you can make the maximum progress in a limited time.

Results-driven to give measurable improvements in management skills, linguistic fluency and accuracy.

The ETC system

We believe every client’s achievements reflect our own performance, so measuring progress is important to you and your company.  We use the Common European Framework, which is understood by language professionals and employers across Europe.

Before arrival: The client completes a short self-assessment form. 

On arrival: The client and the trainer discuss course objectives.

During the course: The trainer conducts ongoing evaluation of the client’s language and functional ability.

At the end of the course: Our trainers assess client’s progress and give advice on further study.

After the course: The trainer completes and forwards a report on the client’s progress and achievements.

Method of Payment

The invoice will be in Pounds Sterling.  A completed enrolment form should be sent to ETC with full fees.  (Please note that the enrolment fee of £50 is non-refundable).  Fees are in Pounds Sterling.  You must pay all bank charges.

Online: You can also pay online by credit card using our secure payment facility: visit and click on the “pay online” button.  Please add 2.4% for the service when you make an online payment.  There is no service charge if you pay online using your debit card.

At Reception / by telephone: If you choose to pay by credit card in ETC’s Finance Department or over the telephone, there is a 2.4% service charge.

If you fail to obtain a visa to study in the UK, ETC will keep an administration fee of £50 but return any other fees you have paid, unless we have had to pay a third party.  If you fail to obtain a visa, you must info rm ETC in writing, return the documents that we have issued to you and send us a copy of the visa refusal documents as proof.

Please check with us about the dates of holidays before booking your course.

Contact details:

David Jones, Director, Red Dragon Motorsport (UK).
Mobile phone: + 44 (0) 7966 578999.
Red Dragon Motorsport (UK) website:   

We will be delighted to hear from you and happy to help!

Take that next step to motorsport glory!